Simplified billing for large customers

Meet the needs of your major agents by simplifying their billing process. Instead of receiving bulk mail or hundreds of individual emails, they will receive just one email with a 7ZIP file containing all notices. Agents can then log in to eNotices and view and download notices into their own system.


Meet the needs of agents

The Major Agents module meets the needs of major billers. Instead of receiving literally hundreds of individual letters and emails, they now receive just one email containing all notices. We can send up to 2,000 notices in one email!

Self-service portal

Major Agents have access to the eNotices portal, where they can view and download copies of notices. They also have access to all historical notices as well. This portal saves hours of customer service teams time, as they no longer need to contact you to ask for these copies.

Safe and secure

The eNotices platform, including the Major Agents module, is hosted on Forms Express’ infrastructure, which is ISO27001 compliant. The safety and security of your data and your customers data is of upmost importance to us.