The complete package for notice distribution

Forms Express’ eNotices platform automates the notice distribution process for you, and allows billpayers to choose how they want their notices delivered. The eNotices dashboard gives you full control over the delivery of notices via both post and email.

Features For You

Complete Notice Delivery Service

From data upload to delivery via post, email or BPAY, eNotices gives you complete live tracking of each job. We will also migrate your current emailed billpayers and their contact information. With our off the shelf marketing solutions, you’re sure to save postage costs as ratepayers move to electronic delivery.

Reporting at your fingertips

eNotices has a number of reports built in, including an activity log showing details of all ratepayer’s interactions with the portal, bounced email management, and sold property management. It also provides daily reports of new accounts and active users. Our activity log is live, and shows exactly when a customer has received and opened an email.

Safe and Secure

The eNotices platform, including Bill Print, is hosted on Forms Express’ infrastructure, which is controlled by our Quality and Information Security Management System (QISMS) that is compliant with ISO 27001:2013 and ISO 9001:2015 standards. The safety and security of your data and your customers’ data is of utmost importance to us.

Features For Your Customer

One stop self-service portal

eNotices provides your customers with the best practice sign up process. Once registered, they have the choice to receive notices via email, and the ability to update their details at any time. eNotices is just a few clicks from the emailed notice, where they can view their notice, including any historical notices, and other information.

Best practice sign-up process

eNotices provides the best practice sign up process, using a single reference number and password. This stops errors of having to type out complex account or property ID numbers. All emails are verified instantly, and your customer can go from receiving a notice in the mail to registered for electronic delivery in minutes.

Self-service portal

The eNotices portal is a one stop shop for bilpayers. Within the portal they can update their details, change their delivery method for notices, add additional emails for notices to be sent to, and view and download copies of current and historical notices.