About Us

Forms Express provide billing and payment services to Local Government, Water, and Utility customers. Our first billing customer was in 1995, and we have since grown to over 250 customers across Australia and New Zealand.

eNotices was launched in 2016, and we have since delivered millions of bills via email and have over 1.5 million registered users. eNotices Payment was launched in 2017, providing instant online payment options for these users.

Our software and services are revolutionising the way bills are delivered and paid across Australia and New Zealand. We look forward to working with our customers to provide solutions that meet their needs and the needs of their customers.


The Forms Express Make A Difference team promote corporate citizenship activities and aims to enhance the social and economic wellbeing of the communities where its employees live and work. This team has a clear criteria for involvement organisations, and aims to develop good relationships with chosen organisations to ensure we meet their needs. Below are some of these organisations.

Angkor Hospital for Children

The Angkor Hospital for Children (AHC) opened in 1999 and was the first paediatric hospital in Siam Reap. AHC aims to educate and empower the local population so that the AHC can one day be fully operated by an all-Cambodian staff.

Forms Express has been supporting AHC since 2005, to date over $35,000 has been contributed.

Give where you live

Give Where You Live is a volunteer-led, non-profit organisation that leads, supports, and participates in collective, inclusive community efforts that build capacity and mobilise resources to improve lives and create positive, long term social change in the Geelong region. Forms Express has been supporting United Way and now Give Where You Live, for over 20 years.

To date approximately $110,000 has been contributed.