Provide the best practice payment experience for customers

eNotices Payment offers a simple, fast payment method for ratepayers, and is available straight from the emailed notice. It also eliminates errors through automating reference numbers, and provides management of amount owing and dishonoured bank payment files.

Features For You

Receive the full amount owing

All merchant and credit card fees are charged to the ratepayer, meaning you receive the full amount owing into your account.

Eliminate errors

eNotices payment is linked directly to the emailed notice, and automatically fills in reference numbers and amount owing. This eliminates errors, refunds, and saves time for your customer service team.

Safe and Secure

The eNotices platform, including Bill Print, is hosted on Forms Express’ infrastructure, which is ISO27001:2013 and ISO9001:2015 compliant. The safety and security of your data and your customers data is of upmost importance to us.

Features For Your Customer

Seamless two click payment process

eNotices Payment offers the best practice, seamless experience for the ratepayer. Using a ‘two-click’ process straight from the emailed notice, ratepayers can choose from a number of payment methods and schedule their payments instantly.

Streamlined process

eNotices Payment offers a streamlined process direct from the emailed notice. Ratepayers only need two clicks from the email to their payment being submitted.

Multiple payment options

Ratepayers can choose to pay from their bank account, or using Mastercard or Visa, including international credit cards. We have recently also added Google Pay and Apple Pay to our options. They can also choose to pay now, or pay later. Over 70% of payments are made using the ‘pay later’ option.

Instant receipts

When a payment is submitted, the ratepayer receives instant notification and receipt of delivery via email. For scheduled payments, the ratepayer is sent an SMS to confirm the schedule, and a receipt once the payment has gone through.